Colleen F, Dumont NJ

“I have seen Cassandra at a group reading and then at a Holiday event. Both times I saw Cassandra spirit came through. Cassandra is an amazing woman and brightens every room. She was so accurate in every aspect of her readings. The one thing that really comes to mind and gives me chills every time I think of it was at the Holiday Event. I attended it with my sisters ad Cassandra was talking to my sister about her daughter who is an angel and she told her that her daughter wanted to say thank you for the ornament she had made in her memory and it was actually something I had made to surprise my sister. There are also so many other stories, I could really go on and on about how wonderful Cassandra is. I recommend her to friends any time I can. I also can not wait to see her again and hopefully in the future do a private reading.“

Nancy Penttila, Canada

Cassandra is pure love! She has such a beautiful energy and gift in her readings, that is REALLY inspiring and uplifting in so many ways! She opens your heart and heals your soul with her ability to connect to your loved ones. She confirms that love never dies, because her readings are SO specific that it is amazing…she knows things that only you and your loved ones could ever know. Therefore, you KNOW that your loved ones are with you in every moment and they will never leave…they just change form. If you need to heal through your loss, or from anything in your life, Cassandra has the most incredible healing energy and she is so highly recommended by me, and from my Father on the other side! Everyone needs to experience beautiful, loving and gifted Cassandra!!“

Robin, New York

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful Group Reading you gave today at my house. I think what blew my mind the most was when both of my in laws came through for my Husband. This morning we were outside having breakfast and he said I hope both of my parents come through, and they did. Even though I had my private Reading with you back in May, I know you didnt want to say anything to me because I didn’t want you to, but I am glad you did. The message from my in laws telling me I was going to be okay down the road lifted my spirits so much more. I have to be honest with you last night I was on the fence thinking I can’t do this,I don’t want to do this because am I really going to get better? After receiving the message from my in laws I know I can do this. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. When you got that emotional, I lost it. I can’t say thank you enough for the gift you shared with me today. xoxo“

I came to the December 18th event with a friend who gave me the ticket for my birthday. My mom passed suddenly that June and I and my whole family were still stunned by her passing. We had lots of questions and one of my first thoughts upon hearing of her passing was, “Who will I call now?“ Well, when my friend invited me to your event, I thought, “Hey, this might be one way to stay in touch with my mom.“ I was so nervous, yet so excited, to hear from her. But as the session went on, it seemed like it was not to be. I was losing hope when at last, and really, it was your last reading, my mom came through. Despite your tiredness and the hours you had already put in, you did not hurry or try to end my time with my mom. I am forever grateful to you for that. You helped me know what happened to end my mom’s life and in the process, helped ease the guilt I and my siblings were feeling that we should have done something or known something to prevent her passing. You gave us some moments of laughter when I retold my siblings about how our mom knew about “Operation Spread the Joy“ (my sister spread my mom’s {nickname, Joy} ashes around her garden while the new homeowners were out), and she said of course only her family would do something like that! You validated that it was my mom when you said there had been no autopsy and that I hear my mom’s laughter in my head. There hadn’t been an autopsy and I do hear her laugh when I laugh. I left that event feeling better than I had in six months. Thank you for helping to ease some of the pain in what has been the most traumatic event in my life.

Denise Bieniek

Tara R, New York

“Cassandra bridged a connection with my long deceased father that was perfectly timed and so perfectly relevant to my life and the circumstances that were transpiring. I was able to take a deep breath and feel the comfort of my father by my side through alot of the fears I was acting on. It was profoundly transforming for me in letting go of fears and knowing that I’m not alone. I always knew he had my back, but it was confirmed through Cassandra.“

Nicole M, New Jersey

“When you lose someone so suddenly in life, you find yourself unsure if you’ll ever find peace of mind someday in the future. So many words are left unspoken, and you try so hard just to make it by day by day, but what you’re really doing is living in the grief. I had been living just as I described for the past few years. Until Cassandra, she was able to connect with my crossed over loved ones, but most of all my dad. During this connect I received a message from my dad that I never thought I’d get to have in this lifetime. I left my reading feeling like finally the world had lifted off of my shoulders. I learned that I am not alone, and I will never be alone during this life I have yet to fully live. Cassandra’s amazing gift has helped heal some very old wounds I’d been carrying with myself for years. But most of all she helped me gain the closure I had been longing for since I lost my dad. “

Ann, New York

“What an amazing gift.. My Reading was breath taking…blew me away. I asked my gramma prior to the reading to tell me about a very important keepsake..10 minutes into the reading with Cassandra she made sure I got the message from Gram.. she told me about the keep sake and what was in it. So glad I taped the reading because I didnt hear much after that!!! I just wanted to jump through the phone and hug my gram!! Amazing!!!!!“

“Cassandra was so right – on with her messages from my loved ones. There were some very complicated circumstances surrounding my father’s passing and she honed right into his energy.There is so much comfort that comes from the work she does. If you have never been re-united with your loved ones who have passed, make an appointment with Cassandra, her messages are clear and unquestionable accurate. I am so grateful for her gentile and confident knowing.“

Kellsey, California

Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium