Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium

Virtual Group Readings

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to connect with your Angels & crossed over loved ones in Spirit? As a Spiritual Life Coach & Medium, Cassandra has the ability to see, hear & feel Spirit to provide the most incredible & beautiful healing and validating messages to provide healing, peace & comfort. Losing a loved one is so hard to navigate in the healing process, and Cassandra uses her gift to try to help provide the love, guidance and bridge the connection between you and your loved ones on the other side.

Virtual Group Readings are such a fun and intimate way to do so. Gather your closest friends & family, and join Cassandra for a beautiful experience with Spirits’ healing messages. You will hear & have the opportunity to receive amazing life changing messages, and have the support of your friends & family from the comfort of your own homes via zoom.
It is a required minimum of 10 people.

Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium
Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium

Private Phone Readings

Cassandra does offer the opportunity to connect with your Spirit loved ones through Mediumship Readings with Private Phone Sessions. These have very limited openings & a waitlist. She offers a 30 minute or 45 minute option.

Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium


“Cassandra, Thank you SOOOO much for that reading. You were so unbelievably spot on with everything. I’ve been waiting literally 12 years to have that experience. I’m so happy I had it with you. Thankyou Thankyou Thank you- I wish it could’ve lasted forever”


“I LOVE Virtual Readings!… It works just as it does when Your standing in the same room and this way, your in your own home surrounded by your loved ones things and comfortable … For me, I would always choose this, is very convenient and it’s a plus for me, since I suffer with Social Anxiety and have a hard time leaving the house at times!… So whether you are in a Virtual Group, In Person or even on the phone.. If you have a message from a loved one, trust me when I say this, It really truly works!“


“I want to let you know how uplifting and wonderful the Mothers Day virtual group reading was. With such a big group I wasn’t sure how it would work, but you have your special way as always of making everyone feel welcome and comfortable enough to be open and personal in what we share. It’s crystal clear that you not only love and enjoy what you do, but that you care about the people you’re engaging with. It’s such a sensitive and emotional experience that can be intimidating, but you always put people at ease. Thank you also for sharing your genuine emotions with us as well. I could go on and on about what makes an experience with you so unique and fulfilling, but I hope anyone who is considering it will take a leap of faith and see for themselves.”


“When you lose someone so suddenly in life, you find yourself unsure if you’ll ever find peace of mind someday in the future. So many words are left unspoken, and you try so hard just to make it by day by day, but what you’re really doing is living in the grief. I had been living just as I described for the past few years. Until Cassandra, she was able to connect with my crossed over loved ones, but most of all my dad. During this connect I received a message from my dad that I never thought I’d get to have in this lifetime. I left my reading feeling like finally the world had lifted off of my shoulders. I learned that I am not alone, and I will never be alone during this life I have yet to fully live. Cassandra’s amazing gift has helped heal some very old wounds I’d been carrying with myself for years. But most of all she helped me gain the closure I had been longing for since I lost my dad. “


“I came to an event with a friend who gave me the ticket for my birthday. My mom passed suddenly that June and I and my whole family were still stunned by her passing. We had lots of questions and one of my first thoughts upon hearing of her passing was, “Who will I call now?“ Well, when my friend invited me to your event, I thought, “Hey, this might be one way to stay in touch with my mom.“ I was so nervous, yet so excited, to hear from her. But as the session went on, it seemed like it was not to be. I was losing hope when at last, and really, it was your last reading, my mom came through. Despite your tiredness and the hours you had already put in, you did not hurry or try to end my time with my mom. I am forever grateful to you for that. You helped me know what happened to end my mom’s life and in the process, helped ease the guilt I and my siblings were feeling that we should have done something or known something to prevent her passing. You gave us some moments of laughter when I retold my siblings about how our mom knew about “Operation Spread the Joy“ (my sister spread my mom’s {nickname, Joy} ashes around her garden while the new homeowners were out), and she said of course only her family would do something like that! You validated that it was my mom when you said there had been no autopsy and that I hear my mom’s laughter in my head. There hadn’t been an autopsy and I do hear her laugh when I laugh. I left that event feeling better than I had in six months. Thank you for helping to ease some of the pain in what has been the most traumatic event in my life.”


“I had to write to you and tell you that I am still smiling from my phone reading yesterday. I was so back and forth about doing the reading but something was drawing me to it so I decided to do it. I was thinking my mom usually always comes through and I couldn’t imagine what else she could say. The morning of my appointment I said I wonder why my aunt that I was always so close to has never come through and low and behold she was the first one to show up for the reading I couldn’t believe it. She said so many things to validate that it was her and it made me feel so happy and amazed how angels influence you to do things. Then when you said what does Entenmann’s mean to you and I was completely like there’s absolutely no way you would know this. That was my grandpa’s favorite cake. He would hide in the kitchen and eat the Entenmann’s cake in the corner so know one would realize he had it and want some . This of course is now a family favorite desert. You then asked me about something that I had from my mom that she was given from her dad and I had recently thought about it and it completely validated that it was him again. There was soooo many things in this reading that were complete validations and I could go on and on. I just felt so amazing after this reading. I finally was able to be open to my other angels after all the grief I had dealt with. I was able to process through my grief which will never completely go away but my heart isn’t broken like it was. I feel the connected to my parents now as my angels and I can be open to other angels. It amazes me that I kept feeling the urge and push to do this and there was a wonderful reason for this and I am so glad you were able to make me so happy!! Thank you again and again, you are truly amazing!!“