Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium

Group Readings

Group Readings are perfect for when you want to share the experience of peace, comfort, and validation from Spirit’s messages with the people who are closest to you in an intimate setting.
When you host a group reading, you are essentially an instrument in other peoples’ healing, as you are providing everyone you invite a safe space with an opportunity to hear & receive messages from their loved ones who are no longer here in the physical world. At the end of a group reading, you will receive validation, peace & joy, walking away feeling lighter and more connected to angels.

Required Minimum of 10 guests
$65.00 per person Travel fee may apply dependent upon location
* Please note, out of state pricing may vary

Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium
Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium


At Cassandra’s events you will experience comfort, peace, and transformative healing. These events will provide you the opportunity to reunite & reconnect you with your loved ones who are now on the other side.
You will be surrounded by like minded, supportive people, who are ready to heal, and hear from their loved ones in a safe space. There is a special sense of community at all of Cassandra’s events. You will leave feeling uplifted, renewed, and with the certainty that your angels are always loving, guiding and protecting you from the otherside. The energy during an event experience is AMPLIFIED with the amount of healing, validating & peace that is brought forward by Spirit. You will leave the event energetically vibrating higher, and truly knowing there is more to life than what is here in the physical world.

What you will experience in an Event:
– Healing
– Laughter & releasing of emotions to heal & grow
– Validations of things only you & your loved ones would know.
– Messages that provide peace, comfort, and tools to live life easier here in the physical world.

If you are interested in attending an event, contact Lauren at

Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium
Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium

Private Spiritual Life Coaching Program

Do you keep seeing the same negative patterns & experiences on repeat within your daily life? Do you feel that you are having trouble aligning with your true purpose and accessing what is blocking you from achieving true soul fulfillment & happiness? Are you constantly experiencing visual and mental flashbacks of negative memories that no longer serve you? Do you find yourself relying on fear over trust, love and the guidance of your intuition & Angels? Do you identify with a “struggle story” that is holding you back from embracing & receiving life’s blessings and miracles?

If you feel that you are acknowledging that something within you needs healing, but are unaware on how to take the steps to heal it on your own, this program will give you just what you need & so much more. You will learn & receive the tools and practices to aid you in fully
walking in your truth and access the miracles & abundance that is meant for you in all of its forms.
In this Spiritual Life Coaching Program, you will have the ability to work one on one with Cassandra and your Angels. You will receive personalized tools, guided meditations, and learn different daily Spiritual Practices to help you crack open, heal, manifest and transform your life for your highest good.
During this program you will be able to:
Recognize what is holding you back. Heal, recognize & release any wounds that are blocking you from true spiritual freedom. Feel your fears, then transform them into trust & love. Learn guided meditations & spiritual prayer work. Receive exercises & tools that strengthen your daily spiritual practice & hold you accountable to stay committed to the work.


– (2) 1 hour Deep Dive Healing Phone Session
– (6) 30 minute phone check in sessions
– (2) Live Google Chat Online check ins per month (6 total for the 3 month period)
– Guided Meditations from your Angels
-Personalized tools & practices you can apply to your everyday life

Investment: $2222.00 (save $370.00 a month)
Payment plan option available *


– (1) 1 Hour Phone Deep Dive Healing Session
– Guided Meditations from your Angels
– Personalized tools & practices that you can apply to your everyday life
– (3) 30 minute phone check in sessions

Investment: $1111.00
Payment plan option available *

Cassandra Bodhi, New Jersey based Spiritual Medium