I am so honored to have you experience who I am, welcome to the light. I am an Energy Healing Life Coach who happens to also be a Medium. I have the ability to connect to the otherside through the gift of mediumship by hearing, seeing & feeling Spirit. After a lot of loss, trauma and healing in my personal life, I have integrated my gift of mediumship with my own life experiences, and talents in Energy Healing Life Coaching. Energy Healing Coaching is different from your typical “life coach”, as I focus and really submerge the sessions within the art of energy shifting, root healing & mindset shifting. 

My greatest passion & purpose in life is to use the work I have learned, experienced & taught through Spirits’ messages and energy over the past decade, and use them to help people transform, deeply heal, and uplevel to live a fiercely fearless life. 

Transformation is the true ability and willingness to live & see beyond your physical form .

My teachings and work comes from an enlightened and developed spiritual place. In my deepest knowing & experiences through working so closely with Spirit as a Medium, we are merely Souls, energy, spiritual beings having a human experience. I have spent years developing the programs and services I now provide; helping people heal & transform from a Soul level, transmitting change not only within you, but allowing it to manifest into the physical world as well. When you believe it you see it, and when you feel it, you become it. It is my job to guide, show & direct you how to get to that space of healing & truth. 

I am excited to help you on your healing journey, it is my greatest joy & honor