As a young girl, I would continually wake up in the middle of the night from hearing voices talking and seeing shadows of people & objects throughout my bedroom ( Sleeping through the night was a job in itself!!). As I gradually got older in my early teenage years, I would see Spirit crossing streets, standing on highways, and become very overwhelmed with the feeling of Spirit right before I went anywhere with a large or small group of people! 

I realized after awhile I had been on the receiving end of powerful messages from Spirit, my Spirit Guides, God, and Angels ( which to me seemed normal, but to everyone else these messages were not commonly received, who knew ?!) – Throughout my childhood & adolescent years I grew up in a world of struggle; I was homeless with my family, jumping around motels, hotels, sleeping in our car & so much more with my family of 6. I always was told by the other side how I would be okay, things would work out, and to never give up or lose Faith because I would find my way out; because of those messages from Spirit, my Angels, and my Spirit Guides I am here today. I am now able to  provide healing messages to people and give them strength, the tools to heal, and help to mend the grief & pain they are holding onto,  allowing them to embrace all their blessings they have in this lifetime. Just as I had received throughout my time of need, struggle, and trauma. 



After a very bad car accident, my relationship with Spirit became so much stronger; I felt physical ailments, anxiety, overwhelmed, and  I had not one clue what was now going on with my body! I later learned that it was Spirit trying to communicate with me; it was now time for me to learn how to understand and develop interpreting what Spirit was relaying to me so I could pass it along to those who were intended to receive the messages. With much work put into this Gift I became well aware that Spirit came to me to provide their loved ones here in the physical world messages for healing grief, burdens, and wounds that just seem impossible to let go.

I now know that this is my Soul’s Journey. Every trauma, tragedy, and hardship I endured in my life was for this moment right here, right now.It had guided me & helped this Gift be what it is today. I am able to not only share healing, validating, and beautiful messages from Spirit, but I share my experiences to show that with Faith you can overcome anything that comes your way. Losing a loved one, carrying burdens, living with grief, and leaving wounds left unhealed is such a hard and unexplainable pain that is difficult to understand. By connecting with people who have crossed over, I have the pleasure to watch Spirit provide the information & tools that is needed to live life with every happiness & joy this lifetime has to offer. I would not trade my Soul’s Journey or my Gift for anything in this world. I am truly blessed & honored to be chosen to allow Spirit to use me & my experiences to provide people with such powerful healing. Each & every session is different, no two Readings are the same – and everyone that comes to connect in their loved ones leave with something completely different. Spirit will give you exactly what you need to help you heal & embrace life with every Blessing life has to offer you, no matter what they may be!